Quantum Corporation announced the addition of advanced file serving technology to Quantum Myriad and StorNext to provide ultra-fast and feature-rich Server Message Block (SMB)-based cross-platform file serving.

StorNext customers can now leverage high-performance collaborative storage and high-speed network file services simultaneously on the same platform to meet the needs of mission-critical enterprise and content creation workflows. The same technology is deeply integrated within Myriad as a first-class protocol, providing robust cross-platform file sharing. This effort, combined with Quantum's integration of advanced Ethernet-based connectivity technologies such as NVMe-oF TCP and NVMe-oF RDMA, provides an end-to-end, software-only unstructured data and AI platform. Drives Quantum's vision to Appliance options. This gives customers the best possible performance and cost-density choice, especially when migrating from Fiber Channel-based systems.

The technology is available as part of a broader partnership with Tuxera, a global leader in data storage management and networking software, and employs common technology building blocks across StorNext and Myriad. Quantum's platform benefits from Tuxera's cloud-scale SMB file share implementation, Fusion File Share, and a long-standing partnership with Microsoft on SMB patents, offering advanced features not available in his open source SMB implementations. . These improvements significantly improve file serving performance and deliver enterprise-grade stability with features such as SMB Direct RDMA, SMB Scale-Out, SMB Multichannel, SMB Witness Protocol, and persistent file handles.

Quantum is offering this technology as an installation upgrade option for new and existing StorNext customers to improve the performance of SMB file services to meet the demands of large teams of macOS, Windows, and Linux clients and support larger files. efficiently and provide high performance for your applications. . The latest version of StorNext 7.2 adds optimizations for NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) configurations and Fast Ethernet connectivity to introduce Fusion File Share to StorNext volumes built on Quantum F-Series NVMe storage appliances. For customers with the fastest SMB experience. Performance with StorNext. By leveraging SMB Direct RDMA connections, a single Windows client can read more than 10 gigabytes (Gb) per second from an SMB share using a 100Gb Egigthernet, which is not possible on systems without SMB Direct. Achieve superior performance for your ingest or streaming workflows.

“Our StorNext and Myriad customers are building larger teams of connected users than ever before, increasing their investments in Ethernet infrastructure, and supporting technologies such as 8K, high frame rates, and HDR that push the boundaries of client connectivity. Are you facing challenging requirements? Adding Fusion File Share technology makes it easy to deliver incredible performance and efficiency at scale to Windows, macOS, and Linux client systems. For example, our latest Testing showed that using F-Series NVMe all-flash arrays for StorNext, a single Windows client configured for SMB Direct and SMB Multichannel can achieve speeds in excess of 10 gigabytes per second. is truly a game changer for content creators who require ultimate performance and advanced workflow management features.” Nick Elvester, Quantum Vice President of Product Operations.

“We are pleased to announce our technology partnership with Quantum to make our enterprise-grade SMB implementation available to StorNext and Myriad users worldwide.” Heather Goring, Director of Americas Sales, Taxela. “Quantum has integrated his StorNext with his NVMe-oF capabilities to deliver exceptional performance and take full advantage of advanced features such as SMB Direct and his SMB Multichannel, providing core client support within Myriad. We are especially excited to leverage it as a service integration.”

SMB functionality will be available to early access customers on both StorNext and Myriad in Q2. StorNext customers will be able to purchase the solution in Q3 as a turnkey Quantum Professional Services bundle that includes full-service installation, configuration, and management. This feature is expected to be generally available to all Myriad customers in Q3.

Quantum will be demonstrating Fusion File Share with StorNext 7.2 and Myriad at booth SL5083 at the NAB 2024 show, April 13-17.

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