In the battle for the future of shopping, Sam's Club I'm betting on artificial intelligence.

From January, walmartOwned retail store deploys AI-powered services check out We are leveraging technology in over 120 stores.

Using a combination of AI, computer vision and digital techniques, Sam's Club's system identifies the contents of a shopping cart and confirms that customers have paid for their items without having to ask a store clerk to confirm their purchase before leaving the store. This technology is home appliance showpromises to change the grocery shopping experience.

“The success of this implementation is due to the immediate improvements it brings to the Sam's Club member experience,” a Sam's Club spokesperson told PYMNTS. “Since implementation, more than half of members in clubs that have implemented this technology have experienced a seamless cancellation process, resulting in a 23% reduction in cancellation time for all members. Additionally, member satisfaction with cancellation speed has increased. Improved by 11%. club.Sam's club's Our unique position as the first retailer to implement and develop this technology internally at scale has enabled us to effectively address our members' concerns. The plan is to extend this exit technology to all clubs by the end of 2024. ”

The move builds on Sam's Club's existing digital solutions. scan & go. Sam's Club and Walmart introduced scan-and-go in some stores in 2017, and Sam's Club filed a patent for scan-and-go technology in 2019.This technology allows users to mobile app When you add items to your cart, scan your phone and leave the store, your receipt will be sent to you digitally.

Some retailers are considering AI checkout technology. For example, Amazon AI system This allows customers to leave the store without paying.

amazon go has been refining this technology for nearly a decade, and it's now starting to be adopted by convenience stores. ” Carol Granbergchief business officer of a payments software company Yunhohe told PYMNTS. “This isn't just a glimpse of the future; it's already here.”

fight against theft

Sam's club 's early success in deploying AI and computer vision technology was largely due to addressing scan-and-go technology's biggest challenge: theft. Yaniv ZuckermanChief Marketing Officer cast 2 mateA company that makes computerized shopping cart systems told PYMNTS. By integrating these technologies, Sam's Club can offer an autonomous checkout solution that minimizes theft without burdening shoppers, he said.

moreover, Stores can redeploy employees to other areas such as customer service or store management.He said.

“For consumers, this technology reduces wait times, eliminates the need for manual checks at the exit, and provides a seamless and fast shopping experience,” he said. “However, AI systems are focused on streamlining transactions rather than enhancing customer interactions or providing added value through personal engagement.”

Benefits for consumers

A company spokesperson said Sam's Club's AI checkout technology addresses customers' concerns about waiting in line for receipt verification at the exit.

“With AI-driven efficiency optimization, this digital innovation not only streamlines the withdrawal process, but also frees up our employees to focus on supporting our members, ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience,” the spokesperson said. .

AI checkout benefits retailers by processing transactions faster. joao diogo falcaoChief Technology Officer AifiThe company, which develops autonomous checkout technology, told PYMNTS. Additionally, this technology allows staff to focus on more important tasks at checkout instead of reviewing receipts or scanning items.

“It's clear that people are ready and eager for this type of technology. type of It’s the environment,” he said. “I have the desire, and this type of This technology is easy to implement and very intuitive. ”

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