Scientists are searching for evidence of alien technology in a distant solar system with the most perfect mathematical alignment and synchrony of planets ever seen.

About 100 light-years from our solar system, there are six planets orbiting an orange dwarf star called HD 110067.

Researchers say each planet orbits in harmony with its neighbors in perfect synchrony, which is extremely rare, and has likely remained undisturbed since its formation a billion years ago. Suggested.

Scientists have discovered that the six planets move in a perfectly synchronized symphony known as a “precise” and “highly ordered” resonance.

“More than 5,000 exoplanets have been discovered orbiting stars other than the Sun, and resonances are not uncommon, and systems containing multiple planets are not uncommon. However, very rare “The challenge is to find a system where the resonance spans such a long chain of six planets,” said Hugh Osborne of the University of Bern, part of the team that discovered the planetary system.

Astronomers are looking for radio signals from these planets smaller than Neptune, which could indicate evidence of past or present alien technology, or technosignatures.

Aliens could be trapped on their own planet

The idea of ​​looking for “technosignatures” in other worlds has been considered by astronomers for more than half a century.

For example, on Earth, one of the most powerful manifestations of technology is the radiation from city lights at night.

However, it is difficult to use such signatures to find signs of alien civilizations, mainly because the Milky Way is so large.

Researchers can study the spectrum of radio emissions produced by Earth-based technology and extrapolate this to what other worlds might produce.

When looking for signs of otherworldly technology, researchers typically focus on radio transmissions, such as the famous “Wow!” signal.

In the latest study, scientists used the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia, USA, to cover frequencies from 1 to 11.2 gigahertz.

Although the researchers did not find any technosignatures in the new study, the likely presence of liquid water on some of these worlds means that this “unusual” solar system will continue to attract extraterrestrials. It is said that it is an interesting object to search for traces of life forms.

“Although this search did not find any signals, we expect to return to this and similar systems in the future using increasingly sensitive and diverse search methods,” the study said. write in their research.

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