Sharon Osbourne thinks technology is the “worst thing” for children.
The former X Factor judge and music manager, 71, has children Amy, 40, Kelly, 38, and Jack, 37, with her husband Ozzy Osbourne, 74. Sai added that he thought it was “insane.” Young people now have access to social media.
“The worst thing that can happen to a child is an iPad and an iPhone,” she told People in a joint chat with Jack and Kelly.
Jack agreed, saying, “I agree,” and Sharon said, “It's terrible. I think it's insane that young kids can have their own accounts and post things to the world. I think it's crazy. .”
Despite her dislike of technology and social media aimed at young children, Sharon admitted that she won't completely eliminate family TV for all her grandchildren.
The former reality TV star shares Kelly's 16-month-old son Sydney with Jack's daughters Pearl, 10, Andy Rose, 7, Minnie Theodora, 5, and Maple Artemis, 12. She is the grandmother of 21 months old.
When asked if she would ever co-star with her children or grandchildren on another TV show, Sharon said: “I'd never say never, but I haven't really thought about it.”
“It's not like, 'Oh, I have to go back to the real world, I want to do this, I want to do that.'”
“I just don't think anything about it. And like I say, never say never, but they better do it soon before I scream.” ”
In September, Sharon posted an image on Instagram posing with all five of her grandchildren.
It shows Sharon holding her grandson Sydney and granddaughter Maple, surrounded by her other granddaughters Minnie, Andy and Pearl.
She captioned the image: “My cup is overflowing (red heart emoji).”

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