In a groundbreaking move, Simulmedia, a leading cross-channel TV advertising platform, becomes one of the first US-based advertising technology products companies to partner with Ukraine's Lviv IT Cluster, supporting Ukraine's technology recovery in the face of adversity. Shows strength and support for innovation.

New York, April 9, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simulmedia is proud to announce our partnership with Lviv IT Cluster in an impactful collaboration across borders. This partnership is based on our deep respect for Ukraine's resilient technology sector and Simulmedia's commitment to setting an example for supporting Ukraine in every way possible and showing other technology companies the way forward. There is. Even in the face of obstacles, this partnership proves that Simulmedia is committed to leveraging technological advances to increase advertising effectiveness and strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian technology industry to overcome challenges. Masu.

Simulmedia is aware of Ukraine's current economic challenges and is committed to contributing to the country's economic stability through this partnership. By leveraging Ukraine's rich IT talent pool, Simulmedia aims to not only foster innovation but also create meaningful employment opportunities for Ukrainian technology professionals.

Simulmedia is excited about the opportunity to leverage the capabilities of the local talent pool by joining the Lviv IT cluster. This strategic move will enable Simulmedia to leverage the wealth of expertise and innovation in Ukraine, particularly Lviv, which is known for its vibrant technology community. Simulmedia's collaboration with Lviv IT Cluster is more than just business expansion. It is an effort to actively contribute to the local economy. Simulmedia believes that by working closely with talented professionals in Lviv and throughout Ukraine, we can not only strengthen our own ad tech capabilities, but also support and stimulate economic growth in the region.

“Joining the Lviv IT Cluster is more than just a strategic business move. It is an expression of solidarity with the resilience and innovative spirit of Ukraine's technology community,” said Dave Morgan, Executive Chairman of Simulmedia. said. “In the face of adversity, this community has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for innovation and perseverance. We partner with them to bring advancements in advertising technology while contributing to a cause much bigger than ourselves.” I’m proud to be able to do this.”

Dave Morgan's recent visit to Ukraine revealed why businesses should consider investing in this resilient and innovative country. Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine's technology sector remains a source of innovation. Historically significant contributions to programmatic platforms, DSP, SSP and AI highlight Ukraine's important role in global technological advancement.

Here are some concise reasons to invest in Ukraine:

world class talent: Ukraine has a large number of excellent engineers and developers who are skilled in providing cutting-edge solutions.
financial support: Investing in Ukraine will support the local economy in difficult times and support the growth of the technology sector.
Innovation and community commitment: Ukrainian technical experts balance global contributions with local humanitarian work, demonstrating an inspiring commitment to their country and its future.

“We are honored to welcome Simulmedia to our friendly community of technology companies. Thank you for your trust. With each new company, we grow not only quantitatively but also ideologically. “We have many joint solutions and projects planned in the future. And we are confident that our experience in simulmedia will strengthen the cluster. Together with us we will transform and develop the technology industry. Thank you for choosing us,” added Stepan Veselovsky, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.

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