Since the success of Spotify's AI DJ feature, music streaming platforms have started creating AI playlists. The feature, recently introduced in beta, allows users to create playlists based on written prompts.

Spotify uses AI technology to create customized playlistsSpotify uses AI technology to create customized playlists

This new feature allows users to go beyond standard playlist creation requests, such as those based on genre or time frame, to more specific playlist creation requests. For example, users can create playlists such as: Spotify Recommendations Options include “songs to serenade your cat” and “beats to fight the zombie apocalypse.”

AI Playlists was first reported to be in development in October 2023, when reverse engineers Chris Messina and Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots of the Spotify app's code. AI playlist It was “based on your instructions”. Spotify declined to comment at the time, but confirmed it was testing AI-generated playlists in December 2023.

Playlist prompts can include a variety of topics, including activities, animals, locations, movie characters, colors, emojis, and more. The company recommends generating playlists using prompts that combine artist, mood, genre, and era for best results.

In addition to the prompts themselves, Spotify uses its knowledge of a particular user's music preferences to customize AI-generated playlists. Once a playlist is created, users can also use her AI capabilities to adjust the results by entering commands like “pop more” or “brighter.” Easily remove songs from your playlist by simply swiping to the left.

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