ST. Landry Parish, Louisiana (kulfi) — Law enforcement agencies across St. Landry Parish are receiving much-needed support with federal funding for new equipment and technology improvements.

“We went around and talked to each institution and asked them what their wish list would be,” Parish President Jesse Berard said. “Everyone who made the list, everything they asked for was accepted and approved.”

Berard said he worked with U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy of Washington to secure $1.8 million in federal funds for the diocese that will be earmarked to meet the needs of all law enforcement agencies in the diocese.

“Dash cameras, body cameras, radios, Tasers, satellite communications, thermal imaging equipment,” Berard said.

“Today's technology is law enforcement's friend,” said St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidros. “And with federal assistance, getting this funding is a big step for all of us.”

The ability to purchase new equipment is helping smaller departments across the diocese, including the Eunice and Opelousas Police Departments, which were recently able to add license plate readers to the city.

“You want to run your police department efficiently,” Eunice Police Chief Kyle LeBoeuf said. “Well, it costs money to operate efficiently. And, you know, these small departments don't have big budgets. So with federal aid, we're able to get this money. I made it.”

“That's money they don't have to spend and could probably save up and buy a unit or two for their department,” Berard said.

New equipment will not only help these agencies do their jobs more efficiently, but will also help keep officers safe and ensure St. Landry Parish law enforcement continues to grow. .

“This is a coveted list for the men and women who serve and protect our communities every day,” said Opelousas Police Chief Greig LeBlanc. “Their lives matter as much as the lives we protect.”

“We certainly need that,” Guidros said. “We welcome it. It certainly helps and the $1.8 million he received from St. Landry Parish is a blessing.”

Federal funding is expected this summer.

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