"Modern animal-based food systems are clearly not the optimal way to produce food for the world's population."

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Most people have heard of the nutritional benefits of bone broth, but one startup is taking the concept one step further in an effort to reduce waste and harmful pollution.

As detailed by Euronews Green, Finnish company SuperGround has created an edible paste from bones that can be incorporated into a variety of foods.

“Hard tissue is the perfect material for food, containing about the same amount of protein and fat as ground meat,” Superground founder and lead inventor Santu Veccheri told the magazine.

The company says on its website that fish and poultry products can be modified to contain between 20% and 40% of the proprietary mixture. The menu includes nuggets, kebabs, cold cuts, patties and more. Food yields for certain items increased by as much as 70%.

While the idea may not appeal to some people at first, Vekkeli explained that SuperGround's method does not adversely affect the texture, taste or smell of the food.

“Changing recipes is normal practice and is acceptable if the sensory and nutritional properties of the product are the same,” he told Euronews Green, adding that advances in lab-grown meat and insect protein He pointed to the growing interest in the benefits. In certain areas.

The technology would also offer the food sector another way to recycle animal parts that would otherwise go to landfill. It would also reduce the amount of land needed for livestock farming, an industry associated with deforestation.

”[The] “Modern animal-based food systems are clearly not the best way to produce food for the world's population,” Vecchelli said, noting the damage to the environment.

According to a study published in Nature, animal foods cause twice as much heat-trapping pollution as plant foods.

Rising global temperatures associated with these excess gases are contributing to the growing problem of food insecurity, but reducing meat consumption could also open up land for other types of agriculture. , there is also the potential for additional agricultural land to be acquired. Provide surplus to support those struggling to get enough nutrition.

Founded in 2021, Superground began testing bone-based pastes three years ago and is now looking to expand by partnering with global food production companies.

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