Climate change has led to hotter and drier weather due to which the incidents of wildfires have seen a big increase. In California, an average damage of $7 billion is occurring annually over the last few years. When it comes to seeking an effective solution for this problem, the role of technology becomes a significant one. 

With the use of early warning systems, remote technologies, and digital connectivity, it is quite possible to take proactive steps to prevent wildfires. The fire management techniques that are used at present are very expensive and they post a big threat to human resources. Moreover, the cost of suppressing fires is also booming and it has put a heavy burden on economies. 

Sonia Randhawa, a tech expert in San Francisco believes “A pro-active approach in preventing fires could be with the use of technology, including predictive data models combined with GIS (Geographic Information System) to allow detecting high-risk fire areas.”

Currently, many different technologies such as drones, satellites, robots, virtual reality, and IoT are being used to detect and prevent wildfires. In addition to this, technological solutions such as high-resolution mapping software and data management have been used for wildfire prevention.

Although these technologies are effective, more innovation is required to produce better results. Tech and Innovation can play a massive role in introducing new solutions to improve wildfire prevention techniques. 

With the help of technology and innovation, it is possible to slow down climate change and ensure the preservation of wildlife. There are many key issues in wildfire prevention that can be solved only with the help of technological innovation. And innovative solutions to wildfire prevention will reduce the burden on various fronts.