Tiburon Subsea unveils new underwater robotic technology

Written by Clarence Oxford

Los Angeles, CA (SPX) May 15, 2024

Tiburon Subsea has introduced JETTE, a patent-pending autonomous underwater thruster control technology.

JETTE is an inline dual vector subsea robot propulsion system designed for the underwater robot market.

This design uses dual front and rear thrusters that operate independently, increasing the capabilities of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). The JETTE system offers enhanced speed, control, maneuverability, durability and redundancy compared to traditional UUVs. This design eliminates long-standing control plane issues and expands hover, dwell, and scan capabilities, while simplifying maintenance and providing self-rescue capabilities. This represents an evolution in hydrodynamic efficiency.

Tim Taylor, CEO of Ocean Explorer and Tiburon Subsea, said: “Just as satellites are in space, self-driving cars are breaking new ground. Data is the missing link. Renewable energy, climate remediation, coastal engineering and security will all benefit from this technology.” Tiburon's aim is to make autonomous robotic technology accessible to stakeholders and managers, facilitating access to data and enhancing real-time awareness, care and management of marine resources and the environment. is. ”

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