TT Electronics, a leading provider of custom power solutions and engineering technology, has announced that it has received significant funding as part of a £200m joint government and industry investment scheme to boost manufacturing and research and development in the UK. did.

The funding will be provided through the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) program and will be awarded to aerospace research and development projects across the UK that support the development of energy-efficient, zero-carbon aircraft technology and accelerate the transition to net-zero aviation.

With a firm commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancement, TT Electronics is committed to researching and developing technologies that support power conversion and electromechanics for future more electric and all-electric aircraft operating at higher voltages. We received funding to proceed.

“As a trusted partner to global aviation OEMs, we have a long history of developing cutting-edge power solutions that improve efficiency and performance,” said Julian Thomas, Director of Engineering, TT Electronics. He says: “This funding will directly support our power conversion products and technology roadmap, developed in collaboration with government agencies and industry partners, to accelerate the electrification of aircraft and aircraft systems.”

Michael Rehan, Chief Operating Officer of TT Electronics, added: “As the global aviation industry increases its focus on reducing carbon emissions, TT Electronics is leveraging its power electronics expertise and dedication to solving technological challenges to play a vital role in this transformation. We are poised to play our part in a more sustainable world. We are honored to receive this funding. This will help accelerate the development and deployment of solutions essential to achieving the industry's net-zero emissions goals. ”

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