Tulsa Community College is leveraging new technology from a local company to help students find jobs.

The university uses artificial intelligence to help job seekers write resumes and cover letters.

TCC's Director of Career Services says AI technology won't replace one-on-one human support, but it will be another tool students can use to get a job.

The list of jobs that will be disrupted by artificial intelligence continues to grow, and in the future, AI will help more people find work.

“It's hard to find the job you want,” said TCC graduate Melissa Douglas.

Douglas said it's difficult to tailor a resume to the job you want, but new software coming to TCC could make it easier.

Director of Career Services Mark Hayes said the new job search Genius AI tool would be a great addition to the services available to students.

“It uses artificial intelligence, it helps you write your resume, it gives you suggestions. It can do some really amazing things,” Hayes said.

The new software will be provided by Tulsa-based WriteSea for $40,000. In fact, TCC is the first school of its kind to implement this new technology.

“Creating a resume or a cover letter takes a lot of time. It's very one-on-one and very personal, so what we have to do is make that job easier for our staff. That means we have to look to technology,” Hayes said.

Hayes said AI won't replace his department's eight staff members, but it will help them have an even greater impact on students.

“AI isn't ready yet. We're far from there, but we still need the human touch and human interaction to help our students,” Hayes said.

The new program will be rolled out to a small number of students as a test next week and, if all goes well, will be available to all students, including graduates.

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