The United Football League (UFL) debuted on March 30th, introducing a new method for determining first downs. If implemented, this could be a game-changer for the NFL going forward.

United Football League plans to use six 4K cameras to determine first downs, a surprising departure from the use of two sticks and chains(Photo by Nick Antaya/UFL/Getty Images)

The United Football League (UFL) started on March 30th. Among the many new rule changes, one is worth noting. That is, first downs will be determined using his six 4K cameras installed in different areas of the stadium.

Instead of using the traditional method of determining first downs using a stick and chain, the UFL utilizes something called “TruU Line Technology.” This is an advanced optical tracking system that can more accurately measure whether a first down has been achieved than before.

“This innovative technology promises to establish a new position in sports technology and fan engagement, delivering ball spotting with unprecedented low latency and high accuracy,” the UFL said in a statement, according to NBC Sports. Announced. “This partnership represents a major step forward in the league’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve the game and our fans.”

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James Jaffet, CCO of Bolt6, makers of TruU Line Technology, said the company was “delighted” to partner with the UFL to improve the sports experience for both players and fans. .

“Our technology not only aids accurate officiating, but also engages fans with high-definition virtual replays that can be accessed instantly on the big screen at home or in the stadium, eliminating the need for traditional chains.” Japhet said via NBC Sports.

If the TruU Line technology proves to be a hit during its pilot with the UFL, the NFL could consider implementing a similar system in the future. Currently, the NFL relies on humans and sticks to determine first downs.

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