Samsung employees are the innovators, creators, pioneers, doers, problem solvers and change agents of our organization. They are necessarily involved somewhere in the product process, including conception, design, development, creation, marketing, customer care, sales, and recycling. If you're like us, you're probably wondering what Samsung products are actually added to your cart. What smart home products do they like the most?

In the latest installment of our Living My Best Life: The Smart Home Edition series, we speak with Roger Quesada, Digital Appliance Product Marketer at and National Events Leader for the PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG). I heard. Roger and his partners are currently in the midst of an incredible journey to revitalize a 120-year-old home into a modern technological marvel. Embracing timeless elegance and infusing it with his 21st century innovation, they envision their home to be a reflection of their lifestyle.

Smart Things Home

Integral to this vision is the seamless integration of technology into every aspect of home design. Roger is ConnectedHe has fully embraced the concept of home and includes: smart home appliances like below Samsung PowerGrill Duo™ Countertop Microwave And that Samsung custom-built ultra-capacity front-load washer and electric dryer; smart entertainment like Premier 4K Smart Laser Projector, 65” Class Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV,and Q series soundbar; and smart lighting system – Everything can be controlled via smart things app on him samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone. Roger and his partner can streamline their daily lives by sending simple commands to their voice assistants to light up a room, preheat an oven, or start a laundry cycle. Additionally, you can easily control your home entertainment setup by adjusting the TV volume and selecting your favorite movie and music playlists to enhance your leisure time at home.Don't let Roger start talking about his love Samsung Customized Counter Depth 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator! (No, really, the beverage center and ice maker are an absolute game changer!)

This smart home technology integration isn't just about convenience. It improves their quality of life. As Roger aptly puts it, “Your time is the most important thing in your life. It's the most valuable thing. So the whole point of technology is to save you time, to save you moments of pleasure and joy.” It lies in the ability to bring

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