Golf holds a special place in the hearts of many Amplitude readers, and for some amputees, the journey back to the golf course is a remarkable accomplishment. While adaptive tournaments and organizations such as the National Amputee Golf Association have contributed to golf's inclusivity, persistent challenges exist when navigating the course in standard golf vehicles. To address this issue, VertaCat has emerged as a mobility solution to reimagine the golf experience for people with physical challenges.

VertaCat is all-terrain mobility designed for upper and lower limb amputees, reinventing the way people with limb disabilities can play golf again. Its breakthrough adaptive technology helps golfers of all abilities get up and compete comfortably on any golf course.

“No matter what type of limb loss you encounter, VertaCat technology allows every player to perfect their unique style in-game,” said VertaCat President Tim Nicholson. . “Golf is an uplifting and motivating outdoor adventure. Amputees who love golf now have access to technology that provides an extremely rewarding experience.”

How does VertaCat work?
Made in the USA, VertaCat's electric stand-up assist system features padded chest, waist, and knee straps that lift you securely into an upright position where you can grip a golf club with one or both hands. These straps eliminate slippage and prevent chafing and skin irritation that can occur while raising and lowering.
After consulting with golfers who continue to enjoy the game in a variety of mobility-restricted situations, VertaCat includes features tailored to the adaptive golfer:

  • “Get Ground” design that brings standing golfers to the ground for the best golf experience possible.
  • Pivot-in-place positioning technology allows golfers to maneuver into the right position for their swing.
  • Anti-jerk acceleration/deceleration softens the movement of the vehicle and enables jerk-free driving on the course.
  • Steep slope warning accelerometer that alerts you when VertaCat exceeds a slope of 17% or more.
  • A 58v lithium phosphate battery that can withstand an 18-hole round of golf, even on hilly courses.

The VertaCat is equipped with turf-friendly, light-tread tires that provide essential traction to get over hills, but are also extra wide and soft so they won't damage golf course greens.

Amputee golfers may also appreciate details such as an unobtrusive folding armrest, one-handed steering, and easy-to-switch controls if you prefer to have the joystick at your fingertips. left and right side.

“To be honest, this level of adaptive technology was unimaginable just a few years ago,” Nicholson admits. “We continue to strive for a world where travel restrictions do not prevent people from having the freedom to play golf, hunt, fish, archery, shoot skeet, or participate in the other outdoor activities they love.”

For more information about VertaCat, Amplitude readers can visit or call 612-804-6399.

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