The Digital Thread strategy adopted by Vestas emphasizes the transition to digitally-driven processes from design to manufacturing, facilitated by PTC technology. This approach has significantly enhanced Vestas' quality of service, reporting, and systems management, strengthening its ability to deliver on its sustainability promise.

Pioneering solutions for sustainability

PTC's arsenal includes cutting-edge artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology that has helped refine Vestas' production processes. The use of Creo, PTC's model-based definition (MBD) software, is unique in providing semantic product and manufacturing information (PMI) annotations and specification documents. This feature has proven to be invaluable in facilitating collaboration across different aspects of the manufacturing process, resulting in more efficient and error-free results.

Digital documents created using Creo are intuitive, rich in detail, and automatically update to reflect component changes, greatly streamlining the manufacturing process.

“Simulation-driven design allowed Vestas to optimize large portions of the design,” said Dave Duncan, vice president of sustainability at PTC. “By sorting all of Vestas' parts and components, we were able to increase the reuse of existing designs, thereby reducing our footprint and use of new natural resources.”

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