The Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech's Moss Art Center held its 12th annual ICAT Day last Monday.


right: Virginia Tech graduate student Rebecca Steele demonstrates aerial circus hoop moves on the front lawn of the Moss Arts Center during the Institute for Creative Arts and Technology's 12th ICAT Day on Monday. Ariel Circus is a fun, inclusive, low-impact activity that is full of flexibility, movement, strength and confidence and was introduced to more than 40 students at Moss in February, Steele said. .

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The goal is to engage and connect the public with the latest creative and innovative work of students and faculty.

More than 20 different experiences and projects from interdisciplinary courses, projects in partnership with ICAT, and community projects were on display.

Topics include a combination of artificial intelligence, immersive environments, neuroscience, sculpture, dance, music, and game design.


right: Noor Tasnim, a neuroscientist graduate student at Virginia Tech, describes an exhibit titled “Epiphany Machine” held at the Moss Arts Center during the institute's ICAT Day.

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