Weifang City China, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 10 a.m. April 16th, Weichai Power, a world-famous industrial equipment group, officially opened its Future Technology Research Institute. This is an important measure for Weichai to respond to the advent of the future “double carbon” era and lead the energy transformation, and a scientific and technological milestone event to promote the globalization of Shandong Heavy Industries Group's vehicles and machinery. There is also. -class.

(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

Tan Shuguan, Chairman and Chief Engineer of Weichai Power and Director of the National Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines and Powertrains; San Nannan, Weichai Electric Power Deputy Director General and Director of Future Technology Research Institute jointly unveiled the nameplate of the laboratory. More than 260 people, including Weichai Group officials and all doctors, witnessed this important moment at the scene.

Weichai Electric Power has invested in: 2 billion yuan The laboratory was constructed over a period of four years. It has a site area of ​​7,000 square meters, a built-up area of ​​28,000 square meters, and 46 separate laboratory sections covering new energy power cells, fuel cell technology, emission improvement, and research. Cutting-edge basic research fields such as post-processing technology, electronic control technology, highly reliable friction and wear technology, and lubrication technology. As the world's largest comprehensive multi-source power laboratory, we have industry-leading nanometer-level testing facilities and boast world-class testing capabilities for three major R&D platforms: vehicles, machinery, and new energy commercial vehicle power systems. , and future technology.

(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

(PRNewsfoto/Weichai Electric Power Co., Ltd.)

Looking around the world, a new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are progressing rapidly, and the integration of science and technology with economic and social development is accelerating. The Future Technology Laboratory is a scientific research and testing equipment resource established by Weichai Power for the next 20 years, and is a resource for three important achievements: a first-class output platform, a synergistic pivot of innovative resources, and the construction of an incubation foundation. Take charge of the task. Get top brains faster. In the future, the institute will be based in Weichai and serve Shandong Heavy Industries Group's vehicle and machinery business, providing innovation support for the entire industrial chain.

Science and technology are the most important productive forces, competent human resources are the main resources, and innovation is the most important driving force. Weichai provides science and technology stakeholders with world-class experimental platforms and industry-unique innovation resources. With the advent of technology, speed and efficiency are the most valuable “gold”. Tan Xuguang called on all science and technology workers in Weichai to cherish the platform and ecology and harvest the world's best scientific and technological achievements step by step without distraction. We will seize the moment and do our best in this global science and technology competition, and help enterprises accelerate towards becoming a world-class science and technology powerhouse through innovative and disruptive science and technology. We use our imagination and innovation to make dreams come true. It's fun to fight in the sky, the earth, and the market!

A new journey, a new mission, a new action. Tan Xuguang said that the opening of Weichai Electric Power's Future Technology Research Institute is a completely new starting point for our country's science and technology cause, and we must work together towards the ambitious goals of future science and technology. Stated.


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