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The Welsh Government has supported ground-breaking work to ensure Welsh has a more prominent place in the technology we use every day.

This means our languages ​​are better prepared for the development of artificial intelligence (AI), the Minister for Education and Welsh Languages ​​says today (20 February 2024).

Since the publication of the Welsh Language Skills Action Plan at the end of 2018, the Welsh Government has produced and commissioned resources and data to improve Welsh language skills. We have also supported the development of Welsh voice technology and the development of Welsh in AI.

The project's achievements include developing technology to convert spoken Welsh into typed text, creating synthetic voices for people who have lost the ability to speak, developing specialized machine translation, and creating a company that developed ChatGPT. This includes working with OpenAI to improve how some of the most powerful chatbots work. , GPT-4 handles Welsh.

As part of the Welsh Government partnership with Microsoft, we also helped build simultaneous interpretation capabilities within Microsoft Teams meetings. This feature is provided at no additional charge to existing Teams users. Building on our work here in Wales, work continues to develop this feature further in collaboration with Microsoft, with the hope that it will lead to the creation of similar new resources for languages ​​spoken around the world.

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