Over the past three months, five analysts have issued ratings for Viant Technology (NASDAQ:DSP), offering a variety of perspectives ranging from bullish to bearish.

The following table provides an overview of recent ratings, highlighting changes in sentiment over the past 30 days and comparing it to the previous month.

strong Slightly bullish indifference Slightly bearish bearish
Total number of ratings Four 0 1 0 0
the last 30d 1 0 0 0 0
1 minute ago 0 0 0 0 0
2 minutes ago 3 0 1 0 0
3 minutes ago 0 0 0 0 0

The 12-month price targets analyzed by analysts provide insight with an average target price of $12.0, a high of $14.00 and a low of $10.00. An increase of 41.18% has been observed, and the current average is up from the previous average target price of $8.50.

Target price chart

Dig into analyst ratings: A thorough investigation

A detailed analysis of recent analyst actions reveals how financial professionals perceive Viant Technology. The overview below provides an overview of the key analysts, their recent reviews, and their ratings and price target adjustments.

Analyst analyst company action taken evaluation Current target price Previous price target
laura martin needham maintain buy $12.00
Lloyd Walmsley UBS Rays buy $12.00 $8.00
jason clare Craig Hulme Rays buy $14.00 $8.00
maria lips Canaccord Genuity Rays possession $10.00 $8.00
laura martin needham Rays buy $12.00 $10.00

Key insights:

  • Action taken: Analysts adjust their recommendations to changing market conditions and company performance. Whether they “maintain”, “increase” or “decrease” their stance, it reflects their reaction to recent developments related to Viant Technology. This information provides a snapshot of how analysts perceive the current state of the company.
  • evaluation: Gaining insights, analysts provide qualitative ratings ranging from “outperform” to “underperform.” These ratings reflect expectations for Viant Technology's relative performance compared to the broader market.
  • target price: Analysts navigate target price adjustments and estimate Viant Technology's future value. Comparing current targets to previous targets provides insight into analysts' evolving expectations.

Analyzing these analyst ratings along with relevant financial indicators gives a comprehensive picture of Viant Technology's market position. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with our rating charts.

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Uncovering the story behind Viant technology

Viant Technology Inc is an advertising software company. This software enables programmatic buying of ads. This is an electronic version of the ad buying process. Through this technology, marketers can easily buy ads on desktop, mobile, connected TV, linear TV, streaming audio, and digital billboards.

Understanding the numbers: Viant Technology finances

Market capitalization analysis: The company's market capitalization, which is below industry benchmarks, reflects its small size relative to its peers. This can be due to factors such as growth expectations and operational capabilities.

Increased revenue: Viant Technology's impressive three-month performance is clear. As of December 31, 2023, the company: 18.16%. This represents a significant increase in the company's top-line profits. When compared to its peers, the company stands out with a higher than average growth rate for its peers in the information technology sector.

Net profit margin: The company's net profit margins are outstanding and above the industry average. With an impressive net profit margin of 0.97%, The company has demonstrated high profitability and effective cost control.

Return on equity (ROE): The company's ROE is above the industry average, demonstrating its outstanding performance. It boasts an excellent ROE. 0.94%, The company has demonstrated effective use of equity capital.

Return on assets (ROA): The company's ROA is outstanding and above the industry average.Achieve superior ROA 0.16%, The company has shown good use of its assets.

Debt management: The debt-to-equity ratio is below average; 0.37Viant Technology has adopted a prudent financial strategy, demonstrating a balanced approach to debt management.

Analyst Rating Basics

Analysts work in the banking and financial system and usually specialize in reporting on stocks or specific sectors. Analysts may attend company conference calls and meetings, review company financial statements, communicate with insiders, and issue “analyst ratings” for stocks. Analysts typically rate each stock once a quarter.

In addition to valuations, some analysts extend their insights by providing forecasts for key metrics such as revenue, revenue, and growth forecasts. This supplementary information provides further guidance to traders. Despite their specialty, it is important to recognize that analysts are also human and can only provide predictions based on their beliefs.

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